Friday, July 27, 2012

In Heaven~

   ~* What does Heaven look like,  My Baby? *~
    What does Heaven look like, My Love?
    Way up past the Stars that are Shining...
    Way up in the Sky up Above!
    Are there lots of Animals playing,
    In a world of only Pure Love?
    I hear all the Sweet Music Lulling
    Babies asleep on Tufts of Cloud Fluff...
    Can't wait til the day that i see you
  ~*  Cuz days down here surely are rough...*~


  1. I miss you,
    Like the sun misses the sky at night,
    and the stars miss the moons beams.
    I miss you,
    Like the trees miss a cool breeze on a summers night,
    And the flower misses the bee.
    I miss you,
    Like the nightmare that is ceased with a sweet caress,
    From the one whom belongs to me.
    I miss you my baby,
    I miss you

  2. My favorite so far! Heart warming to see a mothers love so strong!