Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Urge. - March 24, 2013

I want to take you

I wish those EVIL
didnt have to 
make you go away.

there are not enough 
words left inside 
of me
to say

it really never
should have
ended up this way.

Id' hold you on the Horsies
as they'd go 

I'd clean up your tears
and the ice cream on 
your gown

I'd make you laugh
and smile
as we'd 
Round & Round.

and rock you deep 
to sleep
as the sun is


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Asya Portnaya & Yuliya Milshteyn (of The Brooklyn Birthing Center)

The only tears i should see EVER My Momma cry are tears of pure joy, not ones of deep pain and sadness for the granddaughter she lost so unnecessarily.  she came home crying tonight.
it hurts my soul and enrages me that i can't do anything about this but wait.

Asya Portnaya & Yuliya Milshteyn of  The Brooklyn Birthing Center killed my daughter:
 Vylette Moon

When you killed my Daughter,
you not only killed her, you killed my whole family.
Your life goes on when it shouldn't.
You walk talk sleep eat work like you never harmed a baby.
how can you be so careless? so gluttonous? so selfish?
so evil.
how do you live with yourselves?
you killed a child of perfect health.
you killed a child who was so wanted and needed.
now that she's gone we don't know how to survive without her
but we do because we have to.
we have to bring her JUSTICE.

why does justice come from words in an old book, debated over between cold walls and people who were never even there? you and i know what happened. why can't justice be NOW. why can't it come as fast and easy as you killed my Vylette? why do we have to wait? I'm so sick of waiting.
why do you still get to work and touch pregnant women and babies?
why are you still able to see hold and care for your children?
one day when they grow up, they will know you are a murderer.
you are living a lie.
you are cold hearted and made of stone.
your profession is one of extreme importance. you don't work in a diner. you can't call out sick when you're just tired or feeling lazy. precious lives are at stake.
your job is to guide and nurture pregnant mothers, especially first time moms, and ensure that they are cared for properly & professionally.
babies are just money signs to you.
i could have all the money in the world, but i will never have my baby back.
you killed her.
you robbed us of HER LIFE.
she was going to be an Amazing Woman someday.

i have empty arms and my heart aches, 
but i am forever filled with the Light & Love of my Daughter.

you only have GUILT.

you committed the ultimate crime and you will be punished for it
not only by man, but under the eyes of God.

The Universe is Watching.

Monday, March 11, 2013

~Eye in the SKY~

I hope you
can feel
My Love...
from down here,
sent up above.

The Moon Floats
in the Sky

So High!

Oh, Can You Hear
My Lullaby?


Can You Reach Out
a helping hand,
to brush off the tears
My eyes doth 

its been a while...

i have not written in quite some time....
my heart still beats the same sad chime.
I'm at a loss for words
and a lack of sleep...
the first year seems to have made me speak
but now as my pain stands the test of time,
i drown in sorrow and just wish she was MINE.

i don't know what to say....
i don't know what to rhyme.