Saturday, February 4, 2012


here are a couple of visual essays showing what happened to my beautiful daughter, 
~*Vylette Moon*~
gone too soon!   
11.28.11 - 12.03.11

Her life was wrongfully taken  by the disgusting negligence of midwifes Asya Portnaya and Yuliya Milshteyn & doula London King of 
The Brooklyn Birthing Center, in NYC

My mission is to get JUSTICE for VYLETTE. to never allow these 'midwives' to be anywhere near precious new life and pregnant women & to have this careless center SHUT DOWN.

thanks to Megan for making these videos in memory of her!

my absolutely perfect baby from my perfect pregnancy died directly due to the severe negligence of my midwives ASYA PORTNAYA & YULIYA MILSHTEYN of The Brooklyn Birthing Center ( ). also doula London King ( ). 

they delayed me for hours so much so that my baby was trapped in my birth canal and suffered lack of oxygen to her brain. they did not believe me when i told them my contractions were 2 min apart for HOURS. my doula was paid specifically doc one to my house to monitor me and tell me when to go in. but she failed me as well. they told me i was fine not in enough pain to go in. they said i could still talk so i wasn't in pain. i told them i was vomiting. they said no need for concern. 

it was thanksgiving weekend and no one wanted to break their vacation to deal with me. i wanted the most natural spiritual birth i could give my child but instead got the complete opposite. finally i told them i was coming in. i arrived fully dilated pushed for an hour. she broke my water and noticed meconium from distress. baby wanted to come out for hours but because of the delay she was panicking inside of me. there was definitely a good heartbeat. they made me stop pushing for 15 minutes! made me walk when i could feel her head between my legs even made me walk down the stairs instead of letting the EMTs put me on a stretcher! i listened cuz i was freaking out and had to trust them.. 

i arrived at the hospital and finally got to push. it was so hard to work against my own body.. sometimes i pushed cuz i couldn't hold it.. i wish i would have just pushed her out. shed be ok. i get to the hospitals and they're screaming at me to push saying I'm not working hard enough.. i struggle and scream.. the midwife spreads me open with two hands. no warning. i start screaming. a woman i don't know runs in the room and sticks her hand in too so i have 4 hands plying my pussy open. I'm groaning wildly... finally they cut me vagina open like they should have long ago and baby flies out stiff. no cries. gray complexion. no cries. they smash my stomach brutally to get the placenta out. i screaming.. 12 doctors swarm around baby trying to get her heart to start.. she's rushed out of the room. i feel like death. I'm freaking. I'm sent to my room.. i finally get to see her. its bad. she looks like she's sedated but she just isn't moving. they resuscitated her and she's on a ventilator. she's hooked up to 12 machines in a huge room of her own.. the rest of the babies in the NICU are in another room. every orifice has a wire a tube a needle in it. they poke and prod her every 30 min to adjust her glucose. machines administer drugs to keep her heart rate up.. they keep her on a special cooling table that lowers her body temp to slow down her metabolism for three days. after 3 days they do a brain scan. zero brain activity. 

i had a perfect pregnancy did everything right. all her tests and mine perfect. they killed her. they took away her spark. she had tiny movements that improved over a few days so we thought there may be hope. after the brain scan i had to decide when to turn the machines off. i saw that her body and soul were finally at peace. i knew it was time. she was so beautiful, so perfect that doctors cried when they saw her. the priest cried. they could all see how rosy pink her skin was.. how supple her soil, how pretty her features.. they were so sad. the nurses would dress her up in little accessories. 

her name is Vylette Moon and though she was here for such a short time she was very loved by all who saw her. except the midwives.. they never spoke to me again. stopped all contact and ran me in circles when i tried to obtain my medical records they are evil.

i was supposed to birth at the Brooklyn birthing centerthe midwives were ASYA PORTNAYA and YULIYA MILSHTEYN. i believe they are currently still delivering babies. it makes me so sick. i had to watch my child die in my arms. she would be 2 months and 1 week right now. 

my house is full of things i so carefully selected and requested for her. I'm so devastated and will always be. my boyfriend and i dont get along very well now, we're so far apart and at times, i feel so completely alone. its been very hard but i am strong.. or at least i try to be. its all been doctors, lawyers, paperwork, funeral homes, collecting her remains.. etc. all by myself. its so hard. it gets worse every day i feel deeper and deeper agony of not having her.. everything is hell. my family is devastated. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

please visit my Facebook page JUSTICE FOR VYLETTE. read the story and view the photo albums. see what i had to live. LIKE and SHARE it with as many people as you can. Help give Vylette the voice she was not allowed to have! please raise awareness. i don't want this to ever happen to anyone else ever again! after this happened they washed their hands of me, said it was all in the hospital's hands now and never offered me any type of grievance or support.


  1. This is absolutely horrifying. I'm so Sorry you went through this. My daughter dies of sids at 34 days old. That was hard enough. My prayers are with you. Being a mother losing a baby, I know that You can get through and over come this.

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  3. Oh dear fellow heart breaks for you. I am so sorry that your little one is not in your arms right now. Blessings on your heart. God bless your beautiful Vylette.

  4. I am so, so sorry for the loss of your baby. Vylette is so beautiful. You both deserved better.

  5. I am so sorry, my heart is aching for you. I just wanted to tell you giving your baby the voice, is doing what you can. I don't think everyone will understand that. I would feel I let my child down, and this would be so hard for me to carry. But you know what? That's not true, you didn't let Vylette down.

    I am a Christian, I believe that you will see your daughter again some day. I am so sorry though because right now that's just not enough, not by any stretch. Reading this story I can't help but step in your shoes in a tiny way and it would just devastate me, I can't imagine your pain. I hope it's okay if I pray for you, to both get justice, and also for your Mama's heart. I know that's not much, but I feel helpless.

    Have you read LizP's story? Have you read the blog? You both definitely deserved better. I am so sorry.

  6. Absolutely heartbreaking. I am so sorry for your loss and the trauma you've been through.

    I think that CERTIFIED NURSE midwives can be valuable during birth, as these practioners see their labor patients in hospitals and have regulated medical training.

  7. I am disgusted at how awful these midwives are! Your daughter Deserves justuce!!! I'm sooo sorry for your loss and can't even imagine what you are going through. You are in my prayers and your beautiful daughter is in heaven with the angels. This is so heart breaking and I am sorry that you had to experience this.


    A Paradise scene
    Life in a Restored Paradise
    Loss our little ones is so unbearable only a mother who has had, a loss of this little ones life an future could understand I have had 2 losses please let me comfort you in what I found of what the future holds for you. Soon you will see your baby again the Bible says that God the Creator of the Heavens and the earth will give us back our dead loved one in a World Wide Resurrection, The tombs will be open and the sea will give out those dead in them you will be able to hold your baby again and nurture her and teach her about life please feel free to contact me or for more information. My heart is with you.

  9. "The most important thing,
    was the location of the birth,
    because I ignored the doctors,
    Vylette is not on this earth,
    it's impossible to bear,
    that my ignorance took his life,
    so I must place the blame,
    on the hired help,
    the midwife."

  10. I am so so SO sorry this happened to you. Omg this is horrible. I came across your blog by doing research on Brooklyn Birthing Center. This is crazy and now I feel safer going elsewhere. Nothing can bring a life back and its disgusting what they did to your baby and what they put you through. It's 4 years later. I hope you got the justice you, your bf, and your baby deserve!