Sunday, July 15, 2012

is money all we get?
and licenses removed,
when i fight you nail and tooth?
a jail cell is more like it,yet
with walls hard cold and wet.
can you live in hell like me?
with a broken family?
can you toss and turn in sleep?
wake to food you can hardly eat..
can i make your lives incomplete?
when i finally DEFEAT


  1. Was anything ever done with the midwifes? In sorry to ask but I know it will never be justified for your loss but were they at least punished for their mistakes?

  2. You are so strong... and Lyvette's beautiful soul is in everything around you, just like you say.... she was too good for earth... too special, too perfect. Her soul belonged in heaven all along... she's the head Angel! If I could take away your heartache I would in a heartbeat... I hope that you continue to find peace in seeing Lyvette all around you. You deserve to be happy.

    1. So sorry, my phone corrected... *Vylette, beautiful Vylette Moon....