Saturday, September 28, 2013

Autumnal Woe... ~22 Months~ My Love Forever

i was baking and cleaning all night... and wishing i was feeding cake to Vylette. i know shed love it then run around and get all crazy after the warm spicey sugar rushhh  :)  i feel her around me running into Gradma's room.. always snuggling with Grandma or under the covers with Daddy on chilly days.

Where oh where is She though? the cake is getting cold...


somedays i dont want to do alot of thinking,
so ill do a lot of baking
or my hands will keep crocheting
to keep my heart from aching...
cant say that i really go out much
i hardly ever keep in touch
the mental anguish and the rush
chokes up the broken heart i clutch
so ill just stay here and hide
with my daughter's ashes by my side
and ill have the perfect time,
if even only in my mind.

around my feet i feel you running
i see you jumping, see you walking
under Autumn leaves just turning
i miss you love you sweetly
my darling you do complete me
without you, im hurting deeply
i once saw you held you 
i just wish i could have kept you
around for always
im withering my leaves are falling
my colors fading my eyes so distant
clouded aging
who ever thought that procreating 
would be such an Undertaking. 


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish they would get their karma now and I wish they would goto prison

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, it was so preventable. I lost my son 2 weeks before his due date, they did an emergency csection on July 6 ,2016 because Wade Anson MacMullen lost his little heart beat . My whole pregnancy was perfect , especially at my age, 46 , he lost his little heart beat because my placenta had blood clots and tears in it which stopped his oxygen. I feel your pain but your loss was truly preventable.

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