Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Today Vylette would be One Year and One Half years old.

 i feel bad , i didnt have enough in me to muster up something.. i always make her something. Grandma has been busy working on something extra special for Vylette all day long. i feel like a bad Momma today.. i just am too sad, i could hardly wake up the last half of this month.  but today i woke up early.

Today was pouring.
i envisioned us going outside,
Jumping in Puddles with Pig Tails,
Kicking Pebbles, Watching Snails
& Smelling the Rain,,,
but no,
today was just like yesterday..
its all still the same.

day after day, with each one passing i have less words to say. this feeling is all encompassing, and getting in the way of me feeling ok and accepting some form of normalcy... in between here and there is an eternity. what should be will never be. i just wish my girl was here with me....

something woke me up to this beautiful sunrise
Bella talks to the birdies.
the sky cools down to purple

fluffy angel clouds up above.
lots of lights and lots of love.

misery is a butterfly.


reflections; soul projections...of things that should, but cannot be.
Butterflies and Gems chime for you, from me. 
Yellow and Purple, high as the sky Pansies. 
the ways i see you here with me...

wishing You a very Happy Half Birthday.

expressing the words i cannot say...

a tiny sleepy, tired kitty...

what i want and need. but know You have.

and finally the Green Green Nature, at last...

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