Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wed. 2:14am

day turns into day
turns into night...
turns into day.

turning to the internet
to make it go away.

i can't sleep
i can't weep
i can't eat
i can't pray.

Why'd it have to be
This Way?


  1. Oh wow that made me cry. i am so very sorry you had to say goodbye to Vylette. I found your blog from stillbirthday. I want to invited you to link up tomorrow on my blog for a grieving mommies link-up, it is a good way to meet other mommies and find encouragement. I am saying a prayer now for your broken heart. Email me if you want to talk teshapapik@yahoo.com. My 6th child Jonathan was born still on 1-24-12

  2. I'm sorry Tesha to hear of your lost baby. but its in this loss that you'll find something much more to life than you would have never found out before. it may not be something anyone ever wants to know, but the secret is ours. i hope you see him everywhere and love the feeling you get when you notice<3 thank you for your prayers/ i reallythink thats what holds me together and lets me smile even through misery and worse.
    I'm sorry i missed the link up, but i would like to do that if still possible! id like this blog to be connected to others. i feel like its lonely out here in justiceforvylette blog land. but thats ok. at least i feel like its me in a sea of my thoughts. i wish i could write how i really feel on a day to day basis and all the bullshit ia ctually go through. but id probably need another secret blog to do that. for now ill just write poetry and let the rest fall between the lines